The Employment Agents Movement

Several years ago a group of independent agencies started an informal trading relationship, out of which the concept of TEAM was born.

In these competitive and ever changing times TEAM continually update and review business activities to keep pace with their client requirements, changing legislation and competition. Regular meetings are held throughout the country where recruiters can meet up and introduce themselves with the view of developing professionally rewarding relationships.

Whilst certain clients may be drawn to an agency that is perceived to be the largest and/or the cheapest, they believe that size isn’t the most important factor. Over the last decade they have built a strong reputation based upon quality of service, extensive networks and friendly, knowledgeable team.

They believe that’s the service clients are looking for and what they expect.

They believe that the needs of the client should always come first and recruiters who are not best placed to serve their requirements should offer them the support of others to help. That is where TEAM has come in to its own.

They fully appreciate that clients may have particular and diverse requirements which any one agency may struggle to service adequately especially when those roles fall out side their areas of specialism.

That is where TEAM offers real strength, enabling recruiters to formally establish relationships with like minded recruiters before they introduce their services.

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