Data laws are changed recently following the introduction of GDPR on the 25th May 2018.  These new laws both govern and tell us how and what we can do with your personal data.

We thought we would take the opportunity of reminding you not only about our specialist services but why we currently hold your details and repeat that you will have the right to ask us to remove your data at any point either now or in the future should you so wish.

We hold your personal details because at some point you will have either registered directly with us or will have utilised one of the many specialist job sites whose services we have used extensively over the years. 

For those that remain on our database then we will continue to keep you informed of any job opportunities that arise within your areas of expertise and may on occasion contact you to discuss your interest or suitability. Whilst you may be happy in your current role, we wuld remind you that your future needs can suddenly change.

We would love to stay in touch and share those opportunities, working closely with you to achieve the roles you desire, but we fully understand if your decision is to be removed and would simply ask you to advise us and wish you all the best for the future.

Therefore if your thoughts are to be removed then we would simply ask you to email us at outlining your request in further detail and we will then acknowledge you once your task of removal has been completed.

We take privacy seriously and will always respect your ultimate decision. We keep all information private and secure along with data from the job sites that we subscribe to and would not forward details to any third party without your permission or unless specifically requested by you to do so

Thank you for reading this and should anything be unclear then please contact us for a more detailed explanation. With the changes now in place you may in occasion receive emails  from us regarding the subject of holding and using your private data in the future.

Think carefully, as once you are removed then you are gone but so are the opportunities that go with it.

“…we understand the importance of GDPR and your privacy…”