Congratulations, the final interview was successful and you’ve now landed that dream job offer you always wanted! You’re free! Well not quite but very nearly!

Why? Well the final hurdle is resigning from the company you currently work and that is perhaps one of the most difficult and daunting career experiences you will ever have to endure. So always start by asking why you wanted to leave the company in the first place?

Remind yourself of that and that the decision is about you, not them. That will focus you and prepare you for the potential counter offer which, these days, occurs more than ever.

The idea of the counter offer is always indicative of a client firstly protecting themselves and often has little or no bearing on you in the slightest.

Always ask yourself why it took your resignation for them to miraculously think of you and your importance to the business. Remember this is about them, not you! So, how do you deal with this?

Well remind yourself why it took your decision to leave for them to finally realise they needed to look after your career? Then ask yourself if they are really looking after you or simply protecting themselves with the continuity of your position?

Think back through your reasons for wanting to leave in the first place.

That should have now focus your mind! Now for your resignation.

Always be firm but polite and make it clear that your mind is made up. Thank them for all the time you have spent there and wish them well but always stay focussed on why you want to leave.

Next the tricky part, because here comes the counter offer, usually just before you are about to leave, having suddenly discovered that you fill a vital hole in what they do and they have overlooked you.

Remember this is about them protecting themselves so stay focussed!