Firstly, may we offer our congratulations; you have just secured an interview!

Now we need to get you there and help guide you through the process. Remember no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in the interview process, preparation is essential.

With that in mind move your cursor over “CANDIDATES” and you will find a range of interesting and supportive sections. Firstly we have “GUIDANCE” that we will help address your interview fears and offer some useful notes for interview preparation. There are also useful notes “COUNTER OFFER”.

Whilst it may seem obvious, the importance of arriving for your interview in good time goes without saying so start by planning your route using a satellite navigation or perhaps suitable journey planner on the internet. Most of these will offer you a variety of routes with your anticipated journey time, enabling you to plan your arrival.

With the travel taken care of you now need to prepare, research is the key. Spend some time researching the client: their business, their competition and their future aspirations. How can you help them to reach their goals? What would you offer their existing team?

This will help prepare you for questions they may ask of you and assist you in thinking about suitable and thoughtful questions to ask them. Remember this is your chance to leave the employer with the right impression of you and just as importantly your suitability for their business.

With this in mind we have put together a useful section titled “GUIDANCE” to offer you an overview of what you should be considering prior to attending your interview.