Lets start by asking how well do know your own career?

Through the interview process you will need to be comfortable in responding to any question that could be asked of you. Therefore spend time running through your CV trying to anticipate the type of questions an employer may wish to ask.

Rehearse your answers, it will make you more confident.

This will not only help to prepare you and ensure you leave nothing out but will make you think about the skills and experience that you have to offer. You must leave the employer with the right impression of you and just as importantly your suitability for the role and just as importantly their business.

Try to think about how you could help them to reach their goals and what you would offer to their existing team? Remember good questions leave a good impression.

Now take the time to research the company!

Think about their business, their competition and their future aspirations. Take the time to find out what they do, which markets they work and how they are performing in against their competition. Think of questions you could ask. It is important to show an interest in what they do.

There are many methods of doing this, from internet research through to asking friends and colleagues who may work there. Talk with your recruitment consultant as they should know the company better than most.

Above all remember that most people will feel a little anxious when attending an interview! However, arriving fully prepared should mean those interview nerves are soon replaced with a strong sense of satisfaction, confident you are showcasing your strengths and enjoying the moment.

That is the key to leaving the right impression.