No one can see into the future, therefore it is important to be prepared. Recruitment is a people business and, although we work hard to ensure bbe recruitment always offers an outstanding match between candidates and clients, there will be occasions when a placement simply doesn’t work out. However, should that problem arise, you can be assured that the levels of guarantee on offer are at the forefront of the recruitment industry with up to eight months replacement guarantee on offer. This is subject to payment being received within the specified time. We will even vary the payment date according to the level of guarantee you desire. Our standard terms of business give you the following protection:

  • payment within 7 days will give you 8 months free replacement guarantee
  • payment within 28 days will give you 4 months free replacement guarantee
  • payment within 42 days will give you 2 months free replacement guarantee

Thereafter no guarantee is applicable. Remember we are here to help you, not only with our recruitment expertise and market knowledge but – and just as importantly – should the guarantee ever be required.

We simply ask that payment is made within the specified time period and then the free replacement will be identified. With bbe recruitment we do not specify a small percentage of the original fee be returned (which results in a further recruitment fee) but simply offer a genuine resolution to your problem, with a free replacement candidate being supplied. Unlike others we are genuinely here to support you.

“…we offer unique, fully supportive guarantees…”