Headhunt Search

This comprehensive package is designed for those who wish to hand over the whole burden of recruiting, usually for a strategic appointment that requires identifying specific candidates in the market who are not necessarily looking but would  offer the right credentials for the role you are seeking to recruit. It includes market research, identification and then the direct approach.

Advertising Selection

This is perhaps the most widely used retained route for selecting suitably qualified candidates. Often known as an assignment we would both place and network the advert before selecting applicants who best fit the clients criteria. This is a comprehensive package designed for those who wish to hand over the whole process of recruiting suitable candidates for their employment.

Database Search

This is the most commonly used option within the recruitment market today. We would utilise our comprehensive database to identify suitable and interested candidates. Using the job specification discussed with the client we would then identify suitable and available candidates for us to approach and discuss the requirements and their own interest in the role.

Candidate Screening

This can be included with all our retained services. We would conduct first stage interviews, filtering out unsuitable candidates saving you a considerable amount of time and allows you to benefit from our experience. We offer a range of screening techniques from the traditional interview through to specialist and bespoke questionnaires.

Interim Appointments

Successful recruitment is often about meeting very specific requirements within strict deadlines, for a either a set amount of time or perhaps a certain task to be completed. We offer you the flexibility of utilising those skills as you require them without the long term commitment and expense of employing them on a permanent basis.

Remember with more than a decade of trading behind us we know our markets well and continue to offer both our candidates and clients, a level of service and success which remains unmatched by many of our competitors even today. When it comes to recruitment we are here to help.

“…we offer the complete recruitment package…”